My Tool Store is Now Open


The Tool Store is now open for biz with a limited selection of some of my favorite tools.  I am authorized to sell everything ImageOne Impact has on their website (I’m one of their distributors now) and also all of the GForce Wrap Tough Tools which include the RollePro, squeegee covers and a few other goodies.

Unfortunately, stocking the shelves was easier when I was sixteen. We didn’t have perl, php and javascript back then. Just open the box and set it on the shelf. Needless to say, it will be a long while before I have everything I’m going to sell on the Store pages. I will be adding more items when time allows, I’m simply out of time for this week. And next week I will be teaching a training class in Las Vegas at the #SGIAExpo. Do me a favor though, if you have a minute take a look at what I do have (and at the ImageOne Impact website as well) and if you see anything you need, just let me know. You can order the stuff in my store real easy, anything else just send me an email and I’ll get you what you need. Thank you for your friendship and your support. All purchases are appreciated.