Now selling GoJak, The Faster Caster System



As I said in my Wrap Lift post, we used these GoJak’s in California to lift a low riding vehicle up and roll it on top of the car lift. I had seen them before, but never used them. They’re so simple it’s downright unbelievable. And yes they are pricey, especially for four of them. But if you ever need to move (and lift) a car, with 4 of these, one person can do it. Click the image above to see the entire Go-Jak gallery (a virtual how-to).

GoJak® operates on the principle of a quick action, bi-directional, double-pawl ratchet. Mechanical leverage applied to the foot pedal progressively “squeezes” the vehicle tire between the rollers until the tire lifts smoothly off the ground. The rollers touch only the tire – no contact with the vehicle’s frame or undercarriage is necessary. The low center of gravity after lifting helps make GoJak® safe and stable in use. Its purely mechanical design eliminates the need for electric power, compressed air or slow and leaky hydraulics.

Standard GoJaks® are right handed. When you insert the jack around the tire, the pedal is mounted on the left and rises to the right. Left-handed units are the opposite. This reverse position may be important when the vehicle is locked, keys are not available and the front wheels are turned to an extreme left or right position. In these circumstances, use of the foot pedal may prove more difficult.  With left and right hand GoJaks®, you can position the appropriate unit so the pedal is more accessible. For normal shop use, left hand units are not necessary.

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