Now Selling the Amazing Wrap Lift, a Portable Mid-Rise Lift for Vehicles


The Wrap Lift is a great way to increase the productivity in a car wrap shop.You can a better job all around whether it’s a printed advertising wrap or a full color change. It’s like having a service bay anywhere, indoors or out. The motor on these mid rise car lifts is conveniently mounted to a Heavy-Duty tow dolly, making it easy to move and operate on almost any solid surface. Exclusive features include a sliding/rotating arm design with rubber pads, low drive-over clearance, and a 6000 lb. capacity! Click the photo to see all of the Wrap Lift images or here for pricing.

I’ve used this lift at the training class shown in the gallery photos. It was super easy to learn to use in just a few minutes. It has a very low profile (the minimum collapsed height is just 5.5″), so for most vehicles you just drive over it, place the rubber pads in position and push a button to raise and lower. Believe it or not, the car I rented rode so low to the ground that it started to rub as I was driving it on. I was afraid since it was a rental and backed it off immediately. We used “Go-Jacks” (because we had them) to lift the car and roll it on to the lift. A friend of mine, Jim Miller, used some thick wood to make a small ramp and ledge on both sides of his. Now he can drive any vehicle over the lift, regardless of how low the car sits. Here’s a photo of his with a golf cart on the lift:



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