I installed my first pressure-sensitive vinyl, a 5/16″ pinstripe on my mom’s new car in 1979. From that moment on I’ve been in love with vinyl graphics.

1980 Citation with vinyl pinstripe

My mom had a Chevrolet Citation, very similar to this one. I put a red 5/16″ vinyl pinstripe on it.

In the early days, I decorated cars with vinyl pinstripes, body side moldings and such. In 1980, I began installing larger graphics on trucks and trailers. I did my first vehicle wrap in 1993, when digital printing was invented. That’s the short version. Self taught. Made plenty of mistakes. I watched more and more people getting into the installation business (primarily via the sign business), and they were struggling as I had. Fighting the bubbles and wrinkles, many turned to “wet application”. And they still had problems. Those of us that had been in the fleet side for many years knew that wet application was not recommended or warranted by vinyl manufacturers. There simply was no graphic installation training of any kind, other than each of us training our own employees. As a side note, many of those fleet installers are still in business, and most if not all are PDAA Master Certified Installers.

I approached several vinyl manufacturers, stressing the need for training. Everyone agreed the lack of training was the weak link in the chain, but no one wanted to help me (or have me help them) do anything about it. So in 1993, I set out to train anyone who would listen – that vinyl could be applied dry, applied well, and with few to no bubbles. I demonstrated at trade shows, wrote magazine articles, and taught classes.

Gradually, training became more and more of my business, but I never quit installing. I still install today. It’s important for me to stay on top of my game and keep up with new materials, tools and techniques. Plus, I love installing graphics.

Today, there are many choices when it comes to training. But, if you want honesty, integrity and the best training money can buy – give me a call.