PDAA Master’s Class – Jan. 19, 2017

* SAVE $200-300 per person with early registration (see below)

On January 19, 2017 from 8:30 am until 5:30 pm, Rob Ivers will be teaching a one day advanced class at CNJ Signs & Wraps LLC, 1212 SE Broadway Dr., Lee’s Summit, MO 64081. The class serves two main purposes. First, to act as a primer or refresher for installers taking the PDAA Master Certification test the following day (at the same time and location). Second, for this elite group of installers, along with the instructor, to share and compare the latest tools and techniques in an effort to better ourselves.

While the class is open to anyone with advanced installation skills, it is primarily intended for those taking the test. It will not enable someone of beginning or intermediate skills to become a master in one day and pass the test the next.

Cost is:
$800 per person (after Dec. 19th)

Person(s) attending:

* SAVE $300 per person for Super Early Bird registration from now until Nov. 19th


*SAVE $200 per person for Early Bird registration  (Nov. 20 thru Dec. 19)


Restyler Wrap Ramps

Ask Santa for these and save on back surgeries!


We used these at #WrapsCon 2015 in Indy at the #PaintIsDead Wrap Contest. They were amazing and all of the competitors loved them. You can work on the sides of car much easier without bending over. And even though, they are not doing it in this photo, the center section between the wheels slides out so you can sit on it for the lower parts like the bumpers and between the wheels. It’s also great to stand on to do the roof!

I have just added this product to my store at the low price of $1,549 plus shipping. And for those of you who want to buy one from me next week at #SGIA I will be running a show special for just $1,477 plus shipping.

We will be using one in the wrap training area at the #SGIAExpo in Atlanta. So stop by and see one in action. Shane and I will be there teaching classes all day, everyday of the show. We may even have 1 or 2 spots left in my advanced class, Extreme Wrapping, but on Tuesday only (the day before the show, Nov. 3).

Prove Your Skills

How to Become PDAA Master Certified

prove-your-skillsPDAA Master Certification will bring respect from your peers and referrals from the PDAA website. Click the image to download a free e-Book that summarizes How to Become PDAA Master Certified. On the second page there’s a link to a webinar of the same name I did for PDAA. You don’t have to be a PDAA member to view it. The presentation is about 18 minutes long.

Click here to join the PDAA / sign up for the test or call them at 888.385.3588.

Wrap Contest at WrapsCon

Main Sponsors; "Paint is Dead", KPMF Vinyl and Mimaki

I have served as the head judge at wrap contests all over the world. It has been a great honor and I have met so many awesome people. Being an installer myself, I have truly enjoyed meeting the contestants, watching them work and learning from them. Someday maybe I’ll write a book or a blog about the amazing things I’ve seen. But for today be happy with a paragraph – from me – and from a recent competitor, Chad Parrish. He sent a nice email to myself, one of the other judges, Paul Roba (the tall gentleman in the back row) and Dirk Moebes (to my right and Paul’s left in the back row), the event organizer. He included this photo. Scroll down to read his email. In all the contests I have judged I have never had a contestant write me afterwards, this is a first. And the fact he was happy makes it even better. Thanks Chad!

The winners at the car wrap contest in Indianapolis, June 2015; 1st place John Duever (center in red MOB shirt), 2nd place Steven Hargittai (left of John also in red MOB shirt) and 3rd place Chad Parrish (right of John in black shirt and cap).

The winners at the car wrap contest in Indianapolis, June 2015; 1st place John Duever, 2nd place Steven Hargittai and 3rd place Chad Parrish.

Hello again guys, I hope all is well and everyone made it home safe from Indy! I just wanted to say thanks again for helping bring WrapsCon and everything that went along with it, you guys did an awesome job. Now that it is over I almost miss that its over, it was such a great experience and I can’t count how many new relationships and new friends I had the chance to meet and talk wraps with.

Its so funny because I never had the intention of entering that wrap contest, I just didn’t want to be walking around all day because Jeff and Lance had entered it right away. So to end up in the finals was nothing but a surprise, then to come home with a trophy was nothing but a cherry on top. It was such a great experience I would not trade it for anything in the world. Again thanks for all your hard efforts and everything you guys put forth in giving installers like myself a place to gather, compete, learn and be able to grow from each others experiences, its much appreciated!!


Chad Parrish – Owner

Bob Yunque comments on my training on LinkedIn

This class should be called “Learn From the Best”. Rob is not only the best installer, but he is the best teacher. I’ve had the privilege of taking one of Rob’s training courses before being PDAA certified, and I can tell you, Rob Ivers is a wellspring of wrap installation knowledge. No matter how many years someone has in this trade, they can gain productive knowledge from a Rob Ivers’ training course.

Bob Yunque at Shabob Signs via Rob Ivers’ West Coast Car Wrap Training | LinkedIn.