Wrap Contest at WrapsCon

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I have served as the head judge at wrap contests all over the world. It has been a great honor and I have met so many awesome people. Being an installer myself, I have truly enjoyed meeting the contestants, watching them work and learning from them. Someday maybe I’ll write a book or a blog about the amazing things I’ve seen. But for today be happy with a paragraph – from me – and from a recent competitor, Chad Parrish. He sent a nice email to myself, one of the other judges, Paul Roba (the tall gentleman in the back row) and Dirk Moebes (to my right and Paul’s left in the back row), the event organizer. He included this photo. Scroll down to read his email. In all the contests I have judged I have never had a contestant write me afterwards, this is a first. And the fact he was happy makes it even better. Thanks Chad!

The winners at the car wrap contest in Indianapolis, June 2015; 1st place John Duever (center in red MOB shirt), 2nd place Steven Hargittai (left of John also in red MOB shirt) and 3rd place Chad Parrish (right of John in black shirt and cap).

The winners at the car wrap contest in Indianapolis, June 2015; 1st place John Duever, 2nd place Steven Hargittai and 3rd place Chad Parrish.

Hello again guys, I hope all is well and everyone made it home safe from Indy! I just wanted to say thanks again for helping bring WrapsCon and everything that went along with it, you guys did an awesome job. Now that it is over I almost miss that its over, it was such a great experience and I can’t count how many new relationships and new friends I had the chance to meet and talk wraps with.

Its so funny because I never had the intention of entering that wrap contest, I just didn’t want to be walking around all day because Jeff and Lance had entered it right away. So to end up in the finals was nothing but a surprise, then to come home with a trophy was nothing but a cherry on top. It was such a great experience I would not trade it for anything in the world. Again thanks for all your hard efforts and everything you guys put forth in giving installers like myself a place to gather, compete, learn and be able to grow from each others experiences, its much appreciated!!


Chad Parrish – Owner

The Will to Keep Going | Sign & Digital Graphics

Signmaker 1961-2015

Signmaker 1961-2015

I knew Wayne for about 22 years. I sold him his first vinyl cutter and SignLab software in 1993 or so. I was just at his office a couple of months ago to install and configure a new version of SignLab for him. Wayne was an old fashioned, hard working, straight shooting man. He was bright and alert, with a firm handshake, his signature and hand writing – smooth and steady!

I liked Wayne a lot and I asked Sign & Digital Graphics magazine to do a story about him – and to their credit they did. What made Wayne special? Well, nothing I guess if you asked him. He was a simple man with a heart of gold and the fortitude of forged steel. This was a guy who maybe never went to a trade show and hardly ever left Missouri as far as I know. He never wrote an article, never had one written about him, never wrote a book, didn’t give seminars or demonstrations at the sign shows. But he made a lot of great signs for a lot of years. Just one of millions of quiet Americans that got up every day and went to work or church, took care of his family and his customers, paid his taxes and never expected anything for it, just some food to eat and a place to sleep. Anyone who can do that day in and day out for over fifty years – well that’s my kind of guy.

His daughter, Cathy, called me that Sunday and told me he’d passed away on Friday. She found my number on a pad by his computer, so she called me. On the other side of his keyboard was your magazine. She said he was so proud of that article. I cried. To the folks at  Sign & Digital Graphics magazine – know that he got to see it before he passed and thanks for taking the time to pay homage to one of the thousands of great sign-makers – but one few would have ever even heard of had it not been for you.

Wayne was a great guy, and a great sign-maker. I’ll never forget him. I’ll see you in heaven Wayne.

Rob Ivers

Click the link to read the article about Wayne featured in Sign & Digital Graphics magazine, Feb. 2015 issue

The Will to Keep Going | Sign & Digital Graphics.

Great Big Thanks!

Thanks to everyone who has already visited my new re-designed website and “liked” my new Facebook page for the business, Rob Ivers Inc. It’s been a struggle with a big learning curve, but you all make it worthwhile. Yesterday I had only 6 “likes” and due your amazing support it’s up to 86. I like it!

Friends and family, you are officially off the hook now. But, for all in my industry I hope this is just a new beginning. Please check back often as my plan is to start posting a lot of good information, installation tips and industry events. Keep an eye out for tweets, shares and the likes as we all try to learn more about this car wrapping profession together.

Back in the good old days …

Have you ever heard someone say, “back in the good old days” or “those were the days” and then begin romanticizing  about the past? Or like me you’ve done it yourself – maybe hundreds of times.



The older I get the more it seems to come to mind, how much better you think things were back then. And some things probably were better, like this old car. They don’t make them like THAT anymore!  On the other hand, do you really want to give up your big screen HD TV? Or your cell phone? Probably not.

It comes down to we like the changes we like, but we want things to be the way they used to be when we don’t like the changes. Well, I’m having to face up to the realities that I need a newer, more modern, website and that I need to begin utilizing social media to advance my business. And I don’t like it. I resisted as long as I could, but I know it has to happen and it’s painful. I’m once again buying and having to learn a whole new software.

Please bear with me as I make these changes. In the end you should see some awesome new content, a website that reacts to and displays much better on all your devices. Maybe you’ll look at it one day soon and say, “now that’s a slick ride website”, and I’ll know I made a wise choice.

Just when I think I’m special and that my problems are unique – that the tumultuous times I live in are changing too fast, I read this; Do not say, “Why were the old days better than these?”  And that quote by Solomon in Ecclesiastes 7:10 was written around 935 B.C.

The rest of the verse is “For it is not wise to ask such questions.” And I thought it was only my generation that felt this way. Seems like it goes back thousands of years. Better to take Solomon’s advice (after all he was known for his wisdom) and not dwell on the past. What changes or business improvements have you been resisting or procrastinating? Maybe it’s time to fire up your old enthusiasm and give it a cruise around the block.