Bob Yunque comments on my training on LinkedIn

This class should be called “Learn From the Best”. Rob is not only the best installer, but he is the best teacher. I’ve had the privilege of taking one of Rob’s training courses before being PDAA certified, and I can tell you, Rob Ivers is a wellspring of wrap installation knowledge. No matter how many years someone has in this trade, they can gain productive knowledge from a Rob Ivers’ training course.

Bob Yunque at Shabob Signs via Rob Ivers’ West Coast Car Wrap Training | LinkedIn.


My Tool Store is Now Open


The Tool Store is now open for biz with a limited selection of some of my favorite tools.  I am authorized to sell everything ImageOne Impact has on their website (I’m one of their distributors now) and also all of the GForce Wrap Tough Tools which include the RollePro, squeegee covers and a few other goodies.

Unfortunately, stocking the shelves was easier when I was sixteen. We didn’t have perl, php and javascript back then. Just open the box and set it on the shelf. Needless to say, it will be a long while before I have everything I’m going to sell on the Store pages. I will be adding more items when time allows, I’m simply out of time for this week. And next week I will be teaching a training class in Las Vegas at the #SGIAExpo. Do me a favor though, if you have a minute take a look at what I do have (and at the ImageOne Impact website as well) and if you see anything you need, just let me know. You can order the stuff in my store real easy, anything else just send me an email and I’ll get you what you need. Thank you for your friendship and your support. All purchases are appreciated.

Now selling GoJak, The Faster Caster System



As I said in my Wrap Lift post, we used these GoJak’s in California to lift a low riding vehicle up and roll it on top of the car lift. I had seen them before, but never used them. They’re so simple it’s downright unbelievable. And yes they are pricey, especially for four of them. But if you ever need to move (and lift) a car, with 4 of these, one person can do it. Click the image above to see the entire Go-Jak gallery (a virtual how-to).

GoJak® operates on the principle of a quick action, bi-directional, double-pawl ratchet. Mechanical leverage applied to the foot pedal progressively “squeezes” the vehicle tire between the rollers until the tire lifts smoothly off the ground. The rollers touch only the tire – no contact with the vehicle’s frame or undercarriage is necessary. The low center of gravity after lifting helps make GoJak® safe and stable in use. Its purely mechanical design eliminates the need for electric power, compressed air or slow and leaky hydraulics.

Standard GoJaks® are right handed. When you insert the jack around the tire, the pedal is mounted on the left and rises to the right. Left-handed units are the opposite. This reverse position may be important when the vehicle is locked, keys are not available and the front wheels are turned to an extreme left or right position. In these circumstances, use of the foot pedal may prove more difficult.  With left and right hand GoJaks®, you can position the appropriate unit so the pedal is more accessible. For normal shop use, left hand units are not necessary.

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Now Selling the Amazing Wrap Lift, a Portable Mid-Rise Lift for Vehicles


The Wrap Lift is a great way to increase the productivity in a car wrap shop.You can a better job all around whether it’s a printed advertising wrap or a full color change. It’s like having a service bay anywhere, indoors or out. The motor on these mid rise car lifts is conveniently mounted to a Heavy-Duty tow dolly, making it easy to move and operate on almost any solid surface. Exclusive features include a sliding/rotating arm design with rubber pads, low drive-over clearance, and a 6000 lb. capacity! Click the photo to see all of the Wrap Lift images or here for pricing.

I’ve used this lift at the training class shown in the gallery photos. It was super easy to learn to use in just a few minutes. It has a very low profile (the minimum collapsed height is just 5.5″), so for most vehicles you just drive over it, place the rubber pads in position and push a button to raise and lower. Believe it or not, the car I rented rode so low to the ground that it started to rub as I was driving it on. I was afraid since it was a rental and backed it off immediately. We used “Go-Jacks” (because we had them) to lift the car and roll it on to the lift. A friend of mine, Jim Miller, used some thick wood to make a small ramp and ledge on both sides of his. Now he can drive any vehicle over the lift, regardless of how low the car sits. Here’s a photo of his with a golf cart on the lift:



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Latest toolbox wrap


Just finished wrapping this Matco toolbox. Graphics were designed and printed by Team Acme in Las Vegas. Much of the art used to construct the file came from my good friend and the owner of Aurora Graphics, Dave Dorsey. A big shout-out to all involved, what a great looking project! Checkout more photos of this and other toolboxes in my Gallery.

Toolbox Wraps


A new trend I have seen lately is wrapping toolboxes. You know the ones … very nice, very expensive – made by Matco and Snap-On and used by professional mechanics everywhere. I did my first one two weeks ago for the local Matco Tools rep. Mike Ell. He wanted just the face of the drawers done in carbon fiber. Mike really liked that it has a nice textured feel to it besides looking great (3M 1080 and Avery SW900 are both very good for this application). I plotter cut the carbon fiber, producing an individual piece for each drawer. That allowed me to round the corners with a very small radius (0.1″) to make the carbon fiber look super stock and to prevent the corners from lifting.

Yesterday, I saw a discussion on SGIA’s LinkedIn page entitled, Graphic Wrapped Toolboxes Opens New Doors for Branding. Wisconsin Screen Process, Inc., a company based in Racine, WI mentioned that Snap-On had asked them to wrap one of their toolboxes for the “Case” tractor / farm equipment company. Someone else replied they had done a Matco tool box in camo.

Mike dropped off another one this morning, a large blue Matco toolbox that is getting an old World War bomber skin design. I’ll put photos up after I finish it (see the new Toolbox Wrap album on my Gallery page. Anyone else doing tool boxes?

Small World; NASCAR, Camaro Wrap and friends

marcia-camaroAnother friend of mine, Marcia, is a breast cancer survivor and a registered nurse at TMC (where my son is studying to be a doctor). She was invited to the Kansas Speedway for the NASCAR race last week along with a few others to represent breast cancer survivors. Among other things, she got to have her picture taken with the car I wrapped!

This is what she posted on Facebook; Hey, Rob Ivers, Don from Chevrolet says you are the best auto wrapper ever! Got my picture with other survivors & driver Justin Algiaer.

Camaro Wrap for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

2014-09-24 15.32.47My friends Odie Wilson and Bobby Taylor at Grafix Systems Inc. asked me to install a Camaro wrap in Kansas City. The graphics were made by Pro Cal Professional Decals, Inc. The Camaro from Chevrolet donated the use of the car during October to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I wrapped the car with help from my friend, Chad Huhman, owner of CNJ Signs & Wraps. It’s reached over 1642 people on my company’s Facebook page so far. That should help awareness some.