RollePro Wrap Tough Tools

The RollePro's ergonomic design and specially formulated heat-resistant wheel brings speed and comfort to a once time consuming application process, sealing vinyl over rivets. My good friend, Dustin Owens, invented the RollePro. In doing so, he revolutionized the process of applying vinyl over rivets. This innovative tool will save you more time than you can imagine. If you have been doing rivets the "right way", with a torch and rivet brush, it will literally save you hours on each trailer or box truck you do. Not to mention saving lots of wear and tear on your body and soul. I have done millions of rivets the conventional way during my thirty years of installation, and I can do them very fast. But it's a lot of hard work. Dustin converted me the first time I tried a RollePro. Not only is it much faster, it actually does a better job. No holes to poke and no scratch marks from the rivet brush.
RollePro Replacement Wheel
If your roller wears out but the handle is still good, just order these replacement wheels. Easy to replace.
RollePro Textured Roller Replacement Wheel
Swap out your regular foam roller used for rivets with this one and you're ready for brick, cinder block and other rough textured surfaces. When you're done, just pop your other wheel back in. Easy peasy.