Customized Graphic Installation Training

With over thirty years of graphic installation experience, and a wealth of knowledge collected along the way, I can help you minimize the learning curve. If your needs do not include vehicle wrap training (if they do, see below), I develop custom training agendas for individuals, small and large companies, at their location or mine. Daily rates for consulting and training start at $1,500 per day plus expenses.

To discuss, or call me on my cell phone (816) 868-3130. International clients can Skype for free: rob.ivers

On-Site Vehicle Wrap Training

I offer private vehicle wrap training for companies at their location. The course is an intensive 5-days (40 hours) focused exclusively on my helping them master the advanced techniques of car wrapping. Group size is limited to 5 people. I encourage my clients to line up two small jobs; to give their staff some real world experience and to defray a portion of the employer’s training cost. These jobs typically include a flat graphics installation (small box truck/trailer, wall mural, window job, etc,) and a vehicle wrap. Care must be taken in selection of the jobs so they don’t interfere with the actual training, but rather enhance the process. My clients supply the tools and materials and pay me $10,000. I cover all my personal travel expenses; airfare, lodging, car rental and meals.

I believe this method is the only one that truly works. Other options are always sponsored by companies with sales motives, course length is only 2-3 days, class sizes tend to be large (often as many as 15-20 people) and attendees fall short of learning enough to become proficient at vehicle wrapping. The cost is low and the value even lower. It’s like sending someone to a crowded public kindergarten and expecting them to achieve doctorate level skills. The end result is they may see a lot, but done very little.

The value of my approach is incorporating my 34 years of experience into concentrated hands-on training. Be aware that vehicle wrapping is a complex process. The best I can do is give them the strategies, techniques and processes they need to become successful. This shaves many years and costly mistakes off of the learning process. But it is a process and requires ongoing work on their part to increase their skills as they tackle progressively more difficult vehicles.

To discuss, or call me on my cell phone (816) 868-3130. International clients can Skype for free: rob.ivers