Wet Edge Teflon Squeegees, now in 10-Packs

What's 10 times better than a wet edge squeegee? 10 wet edge squeegees!

Wet Edge Teflon Squeegee (Asst. Colors)
The Wet Edge Teflon Squeegee is ideal for car wrapping and applying digital prints. Why? Because when you wet the edge by spraying it with a solution (I use a couple of drops of baby shampoo in a quart of water) you virtually eliminate any chance of scratching the graphics. The other side (uncovered) of the Teflon squeegee is virtually friction free and is best suited for tucking edges. It slides smoothly, but the hardness can cause scratching. Use the covered side for applying the big, main areas and the uncovered side for tucking the vinyl into tight edges and crevices. The covered side is not recommended for pre-masked graphics, for those the Teflon edge is preferred.
Wet Edge Teflon Squeegee, 10-Pack (Asst. Colors)
The same as our Wet Edge Teflon Squeegee, buy 10, save money!