Toolbox Wraps


A new trend I have seen lately is wrapping toolboxes. You know the ones … very nice, very expensive – made by Matco and Snap-On and used by professional mechanics everywhere. I did my first one two weeks ago for the local Matco Tools rep. Mike Ell. He wanted just the face of the drawers done in carbon fiber. Mike really liked that it has a nice textured feel to it besides looking great (3M 1080 and Avery SW900 are both very good for this application). I plotter cut the carbon fiber, producing an individual piece for each drawer. That allowed me to round the corners with a very small radius (0.1″) to make the carbon fiber look super stock and to prevent the corners from lifting.

Yesterday, I saw a discussion on SGIA’s LinkedIn page entitled, Graphic Wrapped Toolboxes Opens New Doors for Branding. Wisconsin Screen Process, Inc., a company based in Racine, WI mentioned that Snap-On had asked them to wrap one of their toolboxes for the “Case” tractor / farm equipment company. Someone else replied they had done a Matco tool box in camo.

Mike dropped off another one this morning, a large blue Matco toolbox that is getting an old World War bomber skin design. I’ll put photos up after I finish it (see the new Toolbox Wrap album on my Gallery page. Anyone else doing tool boxes?